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Wednesday 1 October 2014

Mini Primark Haul

So this is a new thing for me. I love reading (and posting) haul posts, but I love seeing people model the clothes even more. So I thought I'd give it a go. Unfortunately I was short on time when preparing this post (it was a last minute decision before I came on holiday), but I hope you find the photos useful anyway! Next time I'll have a more interesting background, I promise!

Anyway, I wandered into Primark and was so impressed. They have some amazing things in at the moment. Fortunately I only had five minutes to spare, otherwise I'm sure I would have spent a lot more!

Striped sheer floral top - £3

I loved this and thought it'd be perfect for my holidays. And it was so cheap! I think it looks amazing thrown on top of a bikini, but looks great on top of a white vest too! It really makes the stripes stand out.

Pesky bikini strap! Sorry about that.

I love how the floral print extends onto the sheer parts too. Such subtle detail.

*Cue cringey posing* Game Of Thrones Tee - £6

I'm not normally one for buying book/film inspired t-shirts, but as soon as I touched this one I knew I had to have it. It's so soft and so comfy, like your favourite t-shirt that's been washed 100 times. I wore it on the plane and it was perfect.

I love that the design is quite simple too, so it'll be easy to style.

Floral collared chiffon shirt - £10 (I think)

This one was a work inspired purchase, since I just got offered a contract job for the rest of the year. Hooray! I love collared shirts, and this looks really smart tucked into a skater or pencil skirt.

This could easily be dressed down too, with a cardigan and a pair of shorts!

Harry Potter Hogwarts t-shirt, joggers and socks (£6, £10 and £3 respectively)
And finally, I picked up this amazing Hogwarts set for a friend. Everything looks so cosy, and for the cost you can't really complain. I hope she likes them!
Have you been in Primark recently? Purchased any new favourites? If you've done a similar haul post then please leave a link in the comments because I'd love to check them out!
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