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Sunday, 5 January 2014

25 facts about me

Image taken from flickr creative commons (submitted by Snataly) and then edited by me

Time for a little post all about me! This definitely won't be a frequent thing, but I'm aware that some of you won't know very much about me. I find blogs are more interesting to read when you know a little bit about the person writing them :)

1. I'm 20 years old.
2. I'm in my final year of university studying physics.
3. I can speak french fluently and I'm studying spanish.
4. I have a twin sister named Jess. She's one minute older than me.
5. I've been in a relationship for almost four years.
6. I still have no idea what I want to do when I'm older.
7. I am newly obsessed with Lush.
8. If I misplace my phone I panic. Having my phone stolen on holiday was just about the worst thing ever.
9. I spend too much time on Facebook.
10. I've been teaching myself piano for the last five years.
11. I have wanderlust. There are so many places I want to see.
12. I like to think I can sing (only when I'm alone haha).
13. I'm obsessed with collared clothing.
14. I wish I could speak more languages. Mandarin is next.
15. I've met lots of friends online through a Facebook community (more about that later!).
16. I'm left handed whereas my twin sister is right handed.
17. I've always been underweight as my metabolism is too fast.
18. I listen to music every day.
19. Sometimes I struggle with anxiety, but it's getting better.
20. I've recently started pole fitness classes and I love it.
21. I took ice skating lessons for three years.
22. In my free time I read, crochet, play piano or sew.
23. I find it really easy to remember song lyrics.
24. I've never dyed my hair and only have my ears pierced.
25. I love reading other peoples' blogs!

And that's it! I hope everyone can learn a little bit about me, whether you already know me or have found my blog through the power of the internet :) If you're reading this and would like to do a similar post then I tag you! It was surprisingly challenging to think of 25 things, but enjoyable all the same :)

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