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Tuesday 21 January 2014

Lush, Primark and Boots Haul

So last week wasn't so great for me. It was the first week back at Uni and I'm still not really enjoying my course. I consoled myself with the knowledge that I only have five months left, and that I had a shopping trip planned with my sister. You've gotta love a bit of retail therapy! I thought I'd share my purchases with you as they certainly cheered me up.


The first place we headed was Lush. In the last few months I've fallen in love with their skincare as it's completely cleared up my troublesome skin (reviews to come soon), and have also found a special place in my heart for their bath bombs. Such an easy way of making a bath more exciting and relaxing! We went in for a look around and of course I came out with a few things.

Dragons Egg Bath Ballistic - £3.25

This is my favourite bath bomb I'm yet to use from Lush and a repurchase for me. It smells like sherbert and turns the bath a multitude of colours with plenty of glitter. I can't wait to use it again!

Avobath Bath Bomb - £3.25

I've never tried this before but I simply couldn't resist its lemony scent! I've realised that I much prefer the fresh scents to spicy or flowery ones. I'm not sure whether this bath bomb is hiding other colours inside, so I'll have to wait and find out. The suspense!

Mr Bumble - £8.25

Mr Bumble consists of a Honey Bee bath bomb, along with some Honey I Washed The Kids soap. At the end of last year I went into Lush and bought a few things, only to find my things plus something extra in my bag as I returned to the train station. Believing I had accidentally stolen someone else's purchase I returned to the store and handed the extra item to an assistant. I have since learnt that the Honey I washed the Kids soap that ended up in my bag was a freebie that a generous sales assistant decided to give me. Ever since I read the description I have been aching to try it out. Then I saw that Mr Bumble contained the soap and couldn't resist how cute he was! So I also ended up with an extra bath bomb, which will fit quite nicely into the Fizz Tank I purchased.

Fizz Tank - £3.50

This Fizz Tank is a convenient and pleasing way to store your Lush bath bombs. It's just the right size for three bombs, and looks pretty enough to leave on the side. I may even leave the lid off every now and then to make my room smell amazing. I definitely prefer this to having my bath bombs stashed away in a drawer, and of course the fizz tank is reusable so will last for ages!


I actually went in Primark to search for a t-shirt that a few people had asked me to search for. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in my quest as it looks like the t-shirt has been discontinued. However whilst searching I couldn't help picking up a few things that caught my eye.

15 white heart shaped LED lights - £6
Firstly I picked up these cute heart shaped LED lights. I have never before owned fairy lights and have wanted some for a while to make my room more inviting. It only cost £6 for 15 lights and I think they look really pretty when lit up. I can't wait to hang them somewhere!

White jasmine and amber scented candle - £3
Next my sister noticed this candle, in an unusual jar. Both of us immediately started imagining the things you could use its jar for once emptied, and once we saw the price we each decided to pick one up. I gave the candle a smell once home (yep, we were that in love with the jar that we didn't give two thoughts about the fragrance) and fortunately it smells pretty good too!

Happy cloud onesie - £10
Finally, I picked up this onesie. I know my parents are going to ask "What do you need another onesie for?!" (this will be my fourth), to which I have prepared answers. This one doesn't have built in feet (my feet do actually get too hot in my others), and it has pockets! Yay for being comfy and practical. But if I'm completely honest, what drew me to this onesie is the print. It's so bright and cute! I'm a sucker for cute, and if it can keep me warm too then purchasing it is an inevitability.

(excuse the silly pose - my mirror is too short and so it's hard to get my whole body in!)


My final purchases were made in Boots. I had originally headed to Boots to buy a new base coat (the Orly Gel Base that I had heard good things about), but unfortunately they didn't seem to have it in store. But of course I didn't leave empty handed!

No7 "Dancing Shoes" Top Coat - £7

This new No7 nail varnish caught my sister's eye and somehow she convinced me to buy it (I'm weak when it comes to pretty nail varnish). I didn't realise how pricey it was until I got to the tills, but fortunately the man serving me was nice and put through my other purchases first so that I could use a No7 voucher against it. This varnish is meant to be used as a top coat, but I just couldn't resist using three coats to completely cover my nail! So glittery! I'm also excited about trying it over different varnishes in the future, and think its versatility partly makes up for the cost.

(Here's a link to a video on my instagram to show you just how glittery it really is:

Carmex Original - £2.69

Last, but not least, I purchased another Carmex lip balm. After trying many brands this is still my go to lip balm as it works wonders. I decided that I'd leave my current Carmex in my uni bag so that I'm never without it, and so I purchased another one which will stay on my bedside table as a reminder to apply it before I sleep for super soft, nourished lips in the morning.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed reading about my little splurge. Let me know if you've also purchased any of these, or if you're now tempted to (sorry in advance!).

I also apologise for the length of this blog post (about 1,000 words!), but I hope the pretty pictures helped to break it up a little. If you've got this far then you're a trooper!

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