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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lush Ultrabland Review

Lush Ultrabland: my miracle skincare product. If I was only allowed to use one thing on my skin for the rest of my life, this would be my choice. As someone who had suffered from acne for over six years, this could not have come any sooner. And quite seriously, it has changed my life.

The Lush website describes this cleanser as: 'A rich, gentle cleansing cream that leaves skin clean, soft and cared for.'

Ultrabland is a moderately thick, creamy cleanser
Upon reading this description you might believe that 'gentle' could also mean ineffective. And could an effective cleanser be made from almost 100% natural ingredients?

Before wandering into Lush I had tried most anti-blemish products on the market, including a topical cream from the doctor. The only visible result of using these was dried out skin, and no change at all in the appearance of new spots. I don't think most high street brands have realised that not all troublesome skin is overly oily!

Since using this cleanser every evening (using Ultrabland in the morning isn't suggested if you want to apply makeup as it can leave a small amount of moisturising residue) my combination skin has been converted to 'normal' skin. My oily areas have become less oily, and my dry cheeks are gone. My skin tone has evened out, my pores are smaller and I rarely get a new spot. And if I do, Ultrabland will sort it out within a few days. At last I have achieved skin that I don't feel the need to cover, and that even feel proud of on occasion.

The only disadvantage I have found with Ultrabland is the smell. It has quite a high beeswax content, and the smell is not my favourite. The beeswax is also impossible to remove with water alone, which means that a muslin cloth or some cotton pads are required.

Ultrabland is massaged into the skin and then removed using a cloth and hot water
However there's nothing that could keep me from using this cleanser. My skin is as close as it's ever been to perfect and my self esteem has improved immensely. This is one product I will be repurchasing indefinitely!

Ultrabland is available in stores or here from £6.95 for 45g.

What's your miracle skincare product?

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