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Wednesday 17 September 2014

My new blog design!

I'm back! And with a super shiny new blog design! As some of you might remember, I was getting quite frustrated with my old design, primarily because I couldn't make my pictures as large as I wanted. As someone who really enjoys taking (and seeing other peoples') photos, this made me quite unmotivated. What was the point in sharing my photos if I couldn't do them justice?

So along came Abby from Baggle Web and Design (well really I contacted her, but anyway...) to make the blog design I'd been waiting for. I can't recommend Abby enough. My design took quite a long time, with me being as indecisive as always, but Abby never lost patience and helped me create something that I love.

(I think Abby's design website is currently down whilst she's away, but be sure to check out her amazing blog here.)

My old blog design

My new design has motivated me to put more effort into my blog, so I hope you'll be seeing more from me in the future!

Until next time,
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