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Monday 17 November 2014

Flamingo Gifts Review

After a short break from blogging (due to me being a grown-up now and doing boring/exciting things like getting a job), I returned to an exciting email from a lovely lady. She let me know about Flamingo Gifts, and I headed over there straight away. I'm always excited to find out about new gift websites, and this one didn't disappoint. Within minutes of browsing my mind had started making lists of things I just had to buy. I was kindly asked to choose a few things, and below are some of my top picks!

Orla Kiely Tealight Lantern - £8.49* (click the headers to find out more!)

I looove the Orla Kiely designs, but haven't been able to justify buying a new bedspread or rug just to quench my desire for the delicate leaf pattern. As soon as I saw this lantern I knew it was perfect. I love that it's quite minimalistic in design, but the holes punched in the side means that it's transformed when you put a lit candle inside. I went for the grey version as I've had my eye on a few grey pieces for my room, but it also comes in green and red. I know a few people who would be really pleased to own one of these!

This is another simple piece that can transform a room. I was worried that this might be quite flimsy, but it's really sturdy and not at risk of breaking unless you manage to jump on it! Helpfully I have white walls (which made photographing it very difficult), but this looks perfect hanging in my window. So pretty with the light shining through it!

As a candle fanatic, this gorgeous lantern grasped my attention straight away. It's mirrored on the bottom so reflects the candle glow and really helps to contribute towards that toasty, calming atmosphere. It's pretty heavy, but this means it would also work outside if it's not too windy (since it has holes in the top!). The zinc finish means that it'll complement pretty much any decor (at least it looked perfect in our unexciting lounge!) and it comes in medium too, which I'm sure will join my collection soon!

This has to be my favourite item! So unique, and it makes me smile whenever I see it. This amazing bee house is solidly made out of wood and bamboo, and is brightly coloured to attract all those honey bees! Since it's so solidly made, it is a little heavy. So you'll need a sturdy tree or garden structure to hang it from. Unless you want to just place it on the ground and make it a 5-star bug hotel, welcoming all. Hey, we'll let them off if they can't read ;)  I can't wait to hang this in the garden and do my little bit for the bee community!

Since I've just started a new job and have been introduced to the exciting World of the daily commute, I chose this one for the practicality. It has space for your travel card (which I keep in the clear side so that I don't have to remove it every time), and another slot for cards or spare change. This fits easily in my pocket, and also cheers me up with its amazing bright colours. When I'm waiting at the bus stop at 7:30 am on a grey, rainy day it certainly goes some way towards making the day beautiful!

Overall, I have been really impressed with my first taste of Flamingo Gifts. Everything's such good quality, and I wouldn't have an issue justifying the price of any of these items! I'll certainly be heading back for more soon, since I've spotted a few perfect Christmas gifts :)

How's your Christmas shopping going?

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  1. ah everything looks so cute! I am definitely going to have a look on their webpage:)

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

    1. I'm so happy with everything! :) I hope you find some things you love x

  2. I love everything on here, the glasshouse lantern is lovely. I'm getting some Christmas gift ideas, so thank you!
    sammy xx

    1. No problem! I love the lantern too - it's such a timeless piece that I'm sure will last me a lifetime ^_^ xx

  3. Love the tea light holder!

    *Closes eyes* I haven't even thought about christmas! ahh!

    Chloe x

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