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Monday 11 January 2016

A day in Covent Garden

Jess and I had a day free, so we decided to head to one of our favourite areas of London. No matter how many times you've been to Covent Garden there's always something new to see. We explored a few new streets and had the best time. I can't wait to do it again soon!

I was obsessed with this little fella in Kate Spade. Unfortunately he was way out of my price range (£178 in the sale) which made me sad. I wish I'd have been able to justify a reason to buy him! I also ended up with Mary Poppins songs stuck in my head all day, which was fine for the first few hours but then the amusement wore off haha.

We made a quick visit to Bloch to prepare Jess for her first adult ballet class. I can't help but appreciate the beauty of pointe shoes. So delicate and feminine, but also representative of a whole lot of hard work and determination!

We have officially reached middle age at the grand old age of 22. Decided to stop in Patisserie Valerie for afternoon tea. We had to be moved to a bigger table because they couldn't fit all of our food on it. Worth it!

We stumbled across a curious shop called Magma which sold everything I never knew I needed. This park scene was available in two-dimensional form. I couldn't resist, but I think I may have overestimated my ability to convert tiny pieces of card into anything resembling this. I'm just hoping I don't sneeze halfway through an attempt!

We noticed a shop called kikki.K which we'd not seen before, so decided to have a glance at what they sell. BIG MISTAKE. Turns out that they sell a lot of beautiful things, and unless you have more restraint than me your wallet will be a lot lighter when you leave. I'm going to do a haul post soon because I picked up a few amazing things :)

As always there were some incredible street performers. It's not obvious from this photo, but these two were on unicycles approximately six feet and ten feet high, whilst juggling six batons.

We couldn't leave without a quick trip to the Covent Garden Disney Store, which usually has a few exclusives. Jess is obsessed with the candyfloss scented Bing Bongs, and managed to draw a few odd looks from people who had no idea he was scented.

Yoda, I am.

Rudolph stood proudly as the last of the festive decorations. Next year I'm determined to get there earlier to experience it in all its sparkling glory!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Did you do any exploring? Until next time :)

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