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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Flamingo Candle Scent Melts Review

Flamingo candles have been raved about many a time by bloggers this year. And with their fragrance range it's not surprising. It was this range of fragrances that caused me a problem about a month ago: how on Earth was I going to decide which candle I wanted to buy first? Luckily for me, Flamingo Candles gave me a solution - scent melts. The Flamingo Candle scent melts are the equivalent of Yankee Candle wax tarts, and are melted in a tart burner. What I didn't realise upon buying them is just how long this little piece of wax would last. The scent melts can be melted again and again, and it's definitely going to take me a while to get through them!

At just £2 per scent melt, I decided to buy the six fragrances that appealed to me most, before buying my favourite as a candle for £12. The scents I decided on are:

Cucumber and Melon
Tropical Coconut Milk and Honey
Thai Lime and Mango
Lemon and Lime Mojito
Peach Splash
Pink Lemonade

I went for the fruity and fresh scents, as these are my favourites for the summer months. I've definitely not been disappointed by any of these - they all smell exactly how I would have expected them to, and the fragrance fills the whole room in an instant. I'm going to have a tough time choosing my favourite, and I'm already considering another Flamingo Candles purchase to try out some of their Candy Shop range!

Flamingo Candles candles and scent melts can be purchased from selected stockists and their website here.

What's your all time favourite candle scent?

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  1. Oh i have actually never heard of this brand, such a good price though!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

    1. They're so cheap! And they last for ages. Need to buy more! x

  2. I'd never heard of these, but I'd like to try them now!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

    1. They smell amazing. Think I've found a new addiction! xx