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Monday 30 June 2014

Worth the hype? : Benefit They're Real! Push-Up Liner

Last week Benefit released one of their most highly anticipated products yet. After the success of their They're Real! Mascara, it's no wonder that beauty fanatics got themselves in a fluster at the mention of a new addition to the They're Real! range. Promising a #criminallyeasy application with the unique AccuFlex tip, this eyeliner caused quite the excitement.

Being a beauty blogger and a novice eyeliner user meant that I couldn't resist picking this up as soon as I walked past a Benefit counter. Yes, I'd fallen for the hype (but I can review it for the blog, right?). I couldn't wait to try it, and excitedly tested it out as soon as I got home. First thing I noted was how long it took to get any product into the tip. Not something I can fault Benefit on (I'm sure their packaging was fine), but something that people should be aware of. I was beginning to wonder whether I'd received a dud, but the gel eventually made an appearance after twisting the base about twenty times.
Next up was the application. After familiarising myself with the application techniques suggested in the product leaflet (swiping as usual, or "stamping" the tip) I went ahead and had a go. The AccuFlex tip does take a while to get used to. Hold it as slightly the wrong angle and you'll not get the desired application. I've also found that a solid line requires quite a lot of pressure to be applied, which is not overly comfortable. The rubber tip does drag a little on the eyelid, and when you have to cover the same area more than once to achieve a solid line it can start to hurt.

In an attempt to avoid the dragging effect, I switched to the "stamping" application method. No good. Apart from the odd smudge, I didn't find that any product left the tip unless the tip was being dragged. Maybe there's not enough product in the tip? I twisted the base once more before trying to apply the liner again. The product that was passed the edge of the tip just broke off and fell down my face. Which leads me to the next problem I encountered - fall out. 
This liner dries fast. Of course this is, in general, an advantage. Quick drying means less chance of smudging. But I did find some clumps of product where I'd obviously tried to go over the same area twice and dragged some product into a ball. I soon ended up with black dots all over my face (and even a few in my eye. Not good.). 

My verdict:
The AccuFlex tip is unique, and could offer a novel way of applying eyeliner. However I found it pretty tricky to get used to. I couldn't get a strong enough line without applying an uncomfortable amount of pressure to the tip. And its staying power (due to being quick-drying) means that fall out is likely. I expect I'll continue to use it until it runs out though because boy was it expensive. I do love you Benefit, but this time I'm not blown away.

Have any of you tried the They're Real! liner yet? Have you managed to master the application?
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  1. Oh it really does not sound that great for the price!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. I haven't tried it yet but I've heard SO much about it haha. For the price my expectations are high but it doesn't sound too promising.

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

    1. My expectations were high too because I've loved everything else from Benefit. Unfortunately it really fell short :( x

  3. I love how honest your reviews are Helen! Think I'll be giving this one a miss... sounds like a bit of a novelty and my £9.99 holy grail body shop liner is cheaper anyway!

    Jessie @

    1. Of course! I felt like I had to write a review because all the others I saw were so positive, and I wasn't sure if they were genuine. Definitely stick to the Body Shop liner! x

  4. I have to say that I don't really understand what the hype is about-- I haven't tried it, but I thought it sounded much harder to use than traditional liquid liner. Also the name is so strange to me-- "push up" eyeliner? That sounds painful to me, like something is pushing at your eyelids, uh no thanks. Good to know not to waste my money on them.


    The Undersung

    1. They put so much emphasis on the #criminallyeasy application, but it really wasn't :( x