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Wednesday 24 December 2014

My non-material Christmas Wishlist

It's the day of year which thousands of people spend panicking about unfinished Christmas shopping. Shop shelves are emptied and retail workers begin to lose faith in humanity. Unfortunately, having been in a full-time job for the first time ever, I'm one of those people who was beginning to feel stressed about having not bought presents for everyone. And it got me thinking: I really wish Christmas was still just about appreciating friends and family. It's become so materialistic, and to think that some people would actually be disappointed if they didn't receive a present makes me sad. I wish that one year I could make a pact with everyone I know that we won't be buying presents. Except you're bound to receive a present from someone, and they're going to expect one back. I do enjoy Christmas, but the present-giving makes less sense to me every year. So I was thinking about what I'd really like for Christmas this year. Things that, unfortunately, no-one can gift me.

1. That my sister gets the graduate job she has a final interview for
2. That my mum gets better and can start enjoying her retirement
3. That my colleagues in my new job will be just as nice as my current ones
4. That there be less fighting in the World
5. That all my friends and family have a healthy and happy 2015

If these things became a reality next year I couldn't be happier. What's your non-material wishlist?

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year! I hope you get to spend some quality time with those you love.
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  1. I love this! I'd just wish for everyone to be a little happier and get the things they want- but hopefully not in a Bruce Almighty way...
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  2. After the word Christmas, I immediately think of a not very pleasant situation for me. I have a tradition of giving presents to all my friends and family at Christmas, but this time I almost broke it, because I lost my job shortly before the holiday. I was not desperate and started looking for reviews and found , they are the best of their kind

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