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Thursday 11 December 2014

My November Favourites

Sooo this one's a little bit late. I discovered some amazing things in November though, so I thought I'd share anyway!

Lush So White Shower Gel Limited Edition
Last year I picked up the So White bath bomb and loved it, so I spent most of this year in anticipation of being able to pick it up again. So when I discovered that the same apple-y fragrance was available as a shower gel I just couldn't resist. I love fresh, fruity scents and this one does not disappoint. It doesn't smell like that really sweet fake apple that some companies seem to be fond of. It also makes my skin feel really soft. I've noticed that it's a little shimmery in the bottle, but I've noticed it leaving a shimmer on me. Can't say I'm disappointed. I definitely think I'll be picking up a bigger bottle of this before it leaves the shelves again!

Glazed Apple Lip Balm by The Body Shop
Yeah, so I'm kind of obsessed with apple scent right now. The Body Shop have introduced quite a large Glazed Apple selection for Christmas. Since I was ordering online and couldn't test it out first, I thought I'd pick up one of the smallest products first just in case I didn't like it. Because this is 'Glazed' Apple scent it does smell a bit sweeter than the Lush shower gel. But since it's only going on my lips and not my entire body, I don't mind. I never find The Body Shop lip balms overly moisturising, but in my mind they definitely win the tasty, constantly-want-to-lick-your-lips category!

Essie Favourite To Fall For
I mentioned to my sister recently that I'd almost run out of my all time favourite Essie polish, Bahama mama. So I was very excited when she gave me this Essie duo as a gift, containing a full-sized Bahama mama and a full-sized Chinchilly. I'd never tried Chinchilly before, and a 'sleek granite grey' isn't something I've ever considered purchasing. But I was pleasantly surprised how much it complemented my skin tone. I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of both of these through the winter months!

Galaxy Phone Case by Decal Girl
Most people that know me know that I'm slightly obsessed with galaxy things. This print, in particular. I have a blue galaxy rucksack, leggings, swimming costume, dress. And now a phone case too! My boyfriend ordered me this from Decal Girl when I bought a new phone. We couldn't find this image in their giant range of stock images, so we made our own. I love how high quality it is, and it's so pretty. That it protects my phone is just a bonus!

Peter Pan Collar Shirt from Zara
I've been after a plain white, non-oversized shirt for a long time. As a petite girl this is extra difficult, because I don't have the option of sizing down in shirts that are made to fit a bit baggier. I finally stumbled across this shirt in Zara and I love everything about it, from the peter pan collar to the strip down the middle which gives it just the right amount of detail. I think it'll fast become a staple in my wardrobe!

Have you tried any of these? What were your favourites this November?

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  1. Lovely favourites! I have not tried any of it but i really do want to try out the new body shop's glazed apple range, sounds delish and the essie polish in chinchilly sounds like a polish i need to buy since i do not own any grey ish shades.

  2. Love the shirt! I have the lip balm too, I love the smell but find it a bit greasy and not too moisturising. I have the shower gel too and it is amazing!! Definitely give it a go if you like the scent x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. I need to pick up the So White shower gel! I was obsessed with the bath bomb when I worked there!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

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