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Tuesday 11 August 2015

Topshop and Urban Outfitters Haul

So someone let me loose in a shopping centre with a debit card again. I was also feeling a bit down on this particular day. DANGEROUS COINCIDENCE OF EVENTS. Anyway, since I spent more money than I should have, I thought my haul was worth sharing with you all. Luckily my brain didn't lose itself completely, and I did only buy things that I really loved, so I'm happy to recommend the following to you all :)

Elephant mug with added tea bag storage head bit... - £12 from UO (link)
This was one of those standard, unplanned 'no way I need it, but I must have it' purchases (actually that's probably a running theme for this entire blog post... *ahem*). In fact, when I bought it I didn't even like tea. But who can resist that face and stumpy legs and novel head storage? Yeah okay, I admit I'm an easy sell. I do really love elephants though (I also own a grey elephant lamp from UO) and I have since found a tea that I like, so I think I'll use this a lot. So spontaneous purchases do sometimes work out! *bank account cries*

Sleeveless tailored jacket - £45 from Topshop (link)
I fell in love with this sleeveless jacket as soon as I saw it, which was a surprise to me as I'd never lusted after one, and I don't own anything remotely similar. I'm sure I've seen some fashionable bloggers in these, so maybe my brain convinced me that I could be one of them. Anyway, this jacket is a pale dusty pink (they also had black, grey and navy I think), which actually doesn't look so bad against my ridiculously pale skin. It's a neutral colour so will go with most of my wardrobe. And it can be worn with a vest top during summer or layered for the winter. I think I'm going to get a lot use out of this, and I think it would be the perfect addition to any capsule style wardrobe due to its versatility. Helpfully for me, these are also available in the petite section (full length picture to follow when I can be bothered to use the tripod!) One drawback though, which I didn't notice until after purchase: dry clean only *shakes fist*

3D Ear Mouse Socks (am I the only one who thought they were cats?) - £3.50 from Topshop
Ahhh aren't these just the cutest? No, I have no excuse for buying them. But yes, I did take Topshop up on their offer of 3 pairs of socks for £8. So that makes it alright, right?
Other things that are pictured, but not mentioned:

Calm by Michael Acton Smith  - £9.99 from UO (not online)
(This was actually a gift from my sister - thanks Jess!)
This book is pretty amazing, As a short summary (before I review it in more depth soon), I'll use part of the blurb from the back. 'Using a mixture of creative prompts, activities, instructions and inspiration, Calm will open your eyes to the pleasure and richness of your everyday life.' The inside of this book is so pretty and interesting. So much detail! I can't wait to get started filling it in and gaining inspiration from it.

You Only Live Once by Lonely Planet - £22.99 from UO (not online)
I suffer from wanderlust. Almost every single day of my life I'm daydreaming about where I want to travel. So far I've not really been to any exotic destinations (my parents are the Florida and France type), but I hope to change that soon. In preparation I picked up this book which seems to contain information about anything you could ever need to know before you travel. Places to visit which are off the beaten track, local restaurants that people won't have heard of. I feel like I have all the knowledge of all the well-travelled people in the World crammed into one book and that makes me so excited!

Morrocan Tin Candle - £22 from UO (link)
To be honest, I was hoping Urban Outfitters would help me out here by describing the scent of this. I've really struggled to think of a way to describe it (with my failure of a sense of smell, which doesn't help) but have drawn a blank. I can't work out what combination of scents they've included, but it works. Fresh and fruity is how I'd describe it. I think *maybe* it's mainly passionfruit? Don't hold me to that though!

Modal Blend Ribbed Ankle Socks - £3.50 from Topshop (link)

White Lace Trim Ankle Socks - £3.50 from Topshop (link)

Have you had any successful hauls recently? :)

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  1. You've got some fab things! I love that Elephant Mug. UO has some amazing mugs.
    samantha xx

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