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Thursday 20 March 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge: Part 2

Image found on weheartit and edited by me
As I previously mentioned in another post here, a few months ago I set myself the challenge of completing 100 happy days. This doesn't really involve changing much about your life (although I have found that I've made more of an effort to do something fun), it's about recognising the things that do make you happy. It's easy to get caught up in the things that make you stressed or mad or scared and completely forget about the one thing you did/heard/saw that made you feel happy. At the moment I'm on my 64th day (although I've not managed to post for the last few days), and I'm reasonably happy with how it's going. Although there are some days where I really couldn't find anything worth recognising, I'm glad that these are outweighed by days where something really did make me happy, and I'm glad that I now have a record of these things. I thought it was time for a little update, so I'll be sharing some of my 100 happy day pictures below. To see them all, check out my instagram here.

Day 34: ice skating with Alice (middle) and Jess (right)

About a month ago one of my best friends from Uni came to stay. We're all avid skaters (we were all lucky enough to take lessons for a few years), so we decided to dust off our skates and head to the rink. Getting back on the ice after more than a year was the best feeling ever, and I'm so glad that I don't seem to have forgotten much!

Day 35: Totoro amigurumi

About a year ago I became very interested in amigurumi crochet patterns. 'Amigurumi' is basically the style of crocheting 'in the round' (Totoro's body is one long spiral of crocheting). I started Totoro about a year ago with the premise of giving him to Alice (mentioned above) for Christmas. That deadline came and went (and I got her a replacement present). Then I tried finishing him for the Christmas just gone and that didn't happen. Then for Alice's birthday in February... and it didn't happen. But I'm glad to say that I managed to finish him for Alice's visit, just a few weeks later. I think Totoro is one of my favourite amigurumi projects so far, and I'm glad he's gone to a good home! (You can find the pattern for Totoro here.)

Day 38: bright clothing confidence

For a while recently I lost my confidence when it came to wearing bright clothing. Every day I would choose jeans and grey jumpers over anything else. This wasn't great, as half of my clothing comes from Black Milk clothing (website here), and is really colourful. I didn't want to neglect my bright clothing any longer, so I pushed myself to wear some leggings (not shown) and actually received a few compliments. Needless to say, I found my confidence again and went out in my brightest pair the next day (shown above).

Day 42: crocuses on campus

A few weeks ago marked the arrival of Spring on campus. I think Spring is probably my favourite season (apart from the deadlines at Uni), and I was so happy to see so many flowers appearing everywhere!

Day 43: 1,000 pageviews

This picture is pretty self-explanatory. At less than two months old, my blog got its 1000th pageview. Tiny milestone, but a happy one!

Day 45: sun, craft fair and chinese food

This picture pretty much sums up one of the best weekends I've had in a long time (you can read all about it here). The weather was perfect, the craft fair was exciting and the food was delicious.

Day 49: Black Milk Clothing order arrived

A few years ago when I first became obsessed with Black Milk Clothing I'd have orders arriving about every month (oops!). Nowadays it's a lot less frequently, mainly because my wardrobe is quickly becoming saturated with tight, shiny clothing, and also because I'm now in my third year of uni and therefore quite poor. Therefore I was very excited when a parcel arrived with my two latest purchases: a Vamp Jacket (link here), and an Amethyst vs Aurora Skye Inside Out Dress (link here) that I'm sharing with my sister. I love them both and can't wait to wear them out!

Day 53: Birmingham Botanical Gardens in the sun

A few weekends ago the weather in Birmingham was so nice. Jess and I decided that we couldn't stay inside, so we headed out to the Botanical Gardens. We'd been meaning to visit for a long time and I'm so glad we did. There were so many interesting plants, and birds too. And of course it was great to wander around the gardens and soak up some much needed sun!

Day 56: tiny shark amigurumi

I found a really cute crochet shark pattern online (here), and couldn't wait to try it out. I managed to finish this guy in about 30 minutes (just needs a dorsal fin and a tail), and I was really happy with how tiny and cute he turned out!

Day 61: tasty thai food

At the weekend I went to a restaurant called Sabai Sabai that serves the tastiest food ever. The coconut rice is amazing! I couldn't resist having two duck courses. Nom nom.

Day 61: Gatsby ball preparations

Another happy post for day 61! I'm not one to deprive myself of happy things, so I thought I'd allow two.

Tomorrow (!!!) is the physics department's Gatsby Ball. I am so excited! I was getting a bit worried about how I would make my long hair look suitable for the 20s theme. But after some trial and error I decided on a style that I think looks smart enough. And it was one of the easiest things I tried. Hooray!

Have you ever thought about doing a challenge like the 100 happy days challenge?
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  1. I always love reading challenges like this, but I once attempted at one myself and I was just too lazy to complete it - it was much harder than I thought!! And congrats on your blog milestone, and I love your hairstyle in the last picture! X

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.