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Monday 7 April 2014

Products I'll repurchase forever

As a beauty blogger I'm always on the look out for new products to try. However I do have a few products that will always have their place in my daily routine as I'm yet to find anything comparable. My must-have round-up includes:

Lush Ultrabland - £6.95 for 45g

I don't think I need to talk about this product much more. I've already written a review about it (here), and I tell people about it at any opportunity. But I'm still so amazed at the difference it's made to my skin, and I'll continue using it until they stop stocking it.

Real Techniques Brushes - from £5.99

With the longevity of these brushes, I'm not ever expecting to have to repurchase them. However I don't feel like I'll ever need to branch out into other brands. These brushes provide such a flawless application, and never malt or deteriorate. As long as the brush I need is available from Real Techniques, that's the one I'll be buying.

Carmex Lip Balm - £2.69

As an habitual lip biter this is the only lip balm I've found that can transform my lips overnight. I can depend on this to restore my lips to their former glory, and it doesn't feel overly gloopy or greasy. Some lip balms that just sit on my lips I can even feel in my throat (I'm not sure why - does anyone else get this?), which is really uncomfortable. So I'll be sticking to this miracle lip-tingling balm!

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer - £4.19

This is the re-branded version of Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer which has been my go-to concealer ever since I started using concealer. Seems I made a good choice when I decided to pick it up. I've seen this concealer being raved about on multiple blogs, and it's easy to tell why. The applicator is the perfect shape for precise application, and the formula provides a full coverage without being too thick to blend nicely. I use the lightest shade which also works well on my under eye circles. I've just repurchased this for the third time, and when this runs out I doubt I'll be buying something else - for the price I don't think you'll find anything better!

Tangle Teezer - £12.49 (compact size)

I'm not really a patient person when it comes to getting ready in the morning, so I often ignore the no-brushing-whilst-your-hair-is-wet rule. I don't often have time to wait for my hair to naturally dry, and there's no way you can blow dry without brushing! Therefore I decided to pick up a Tangle Teezer, as they put much less force on the hair as you brush, and therefore reduce the damage done to wet (and dry) hair. This brush really does work. Sometimes I do wonder why I'm actually brushing my hair as the Tangle Teezer doesn't seem to encounter any knots at all. I have to remind myself that my hair is actually knotty - it's just that the brush glides through them with ease. I'm certain that this brush has helped my hair to grow longer by preventing breakage at the ends, and my hair feels smoother after using it. I doubt my Tangle Teezer is going to deteriorate very quickly, although some of the bristles are a bit squashed after I took it to uni without its bristle cover, but I will definitely be repurchasing it if I ever need to!

Are any of these in your must-haves? Have I missed out any of your essentials?

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  1. I so desperately want some Real Techniques brushes, but I never seem to have any money these days! They just look and sound amazing!
    Eden from edenroses xx

    1. They're definitely worth the money! I hope you can afford some soon! x

  2. I love the RT brushes and I must have bought about 6 or 7 of those concealers now it's my favourite!
    P.S I'm running a giveaway at the moment if you want to enter:) x
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe Giveaway

    1. The concealer definitely seems to be a blogger favourite! I can't go anywhere without it! x

  3. I have a Tangle Teezer and I love it. The RT brushes are great too, I'm hoping to get the blush brush next!

    1. I'm on a mission to obtain all of the RT brushes. They're so good for the price! x